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Thread: Sabatier carbon

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    Sabatier carbon

    Does anyone have any experience with the sabatier carbon line of knives available on epicedge?

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    Senior Member Keith Sinclair's Avatar
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    I have an elephant Sabatier. It is highly reactive so I just let it patina. You can put a sharp edge on it, the carbon steel itself is pretty soft. Plus full bolsters make heel sharpening impossible unless you grind it off. The price seems fair, but spending a little more will get you a better blade.

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    Amstelveen, The Netherlands
    You might compare with
    They have the regular Thiers-Issard, and series specially made for them to be sold under their own name.

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    The Sabatier knives on the website you mentioned appear to the ones be made by Therias et l'Econome, and sold under the brand name Mexeur & Cie. This is the line available from Sur la Table and some other U.S. retailers. There are two other Sabatier brands that I know of: K Sabatier and Thiers-Issard (Elephant). My experience is limited to these last two. I know absolutely nothing about making a knife but it is clear to me that I could do a better quality assurance job at either one of these cutlers than the persons doing that job now. I have four T-I Sabatier knives , the oldest dating back about 15 years, the newest purchased this year. I have also evaluated some K Sabatier knives. French kitchen knife making quality appears to have plummeted (seems odd, because French makers of beautiful--darn near perfect--pocket knives are around in abundance). Blades on kitchen knives from T-I and K are often bent, crooked, wavy, uneven, and out of alignment with their handles. One U.S. retailer of these lines warns its customers what to expect on its website. My most recent purchase features a blade that displays a reflection that looks something like a funhouse mirror. In other words, caution is warranted. Buying a knife sight unseen is not something I would try again with any Sabatier knives. And I am sure sad to say that.

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