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Thread: My New Sharpening Station WIP

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    Really cool, Maksim!

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    Pretty sweet set up. How about some vids to see you in action?

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    it is already field with mud and swarf

    I try to make a video one of the days

    Click image for larger version. 

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    You mucky pup, looks great. Can never get into the work sat low like that myself, probably need to do more yoga.

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    Its more relaxing and i can splash with water and mud everywhere

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    That's pretty awesome. Bravo.

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    impressive, I too would like to see a video of that bad boy in action

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    Here you go
    Just some sharpening before Shipment Today

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    Thanks for sharing Maxim. You look just like you're avatar. HA

    Love the sharpening station, but your legs and feet look cramped. Improper ergonomics will do destroy the human body quick. Perhaps if you raise your stone stand a bit, that will allow you to sit more upright, might be able to move your feet more parallel and along-side your stones, as opposed to the current oblique and behind stone foot position. I still have a lot to learn about sharpening, but being in the computer industry for over 20 years, I know a lot about ergonomics. Any hoo, thanks for the video!
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    Hehe nehh i sit just fine
    If i raise a stones then i will get hurt back because my hands and shoulders will go up. I used like that before
    That one is so i have it as comfortable as possible. I like to sharpen with a lot of pressure so laying down on the stone is most efficient for me

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