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Thread: Favorite comfort foods

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    Favorite comfort foods

    Chili con carne with wild mushrooms, over rice.
    Poutine if I'm drunk.

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    My ex-wife use to make this mac and cheese dish that was outstanding. She used the recipe for mac and cheese out of an old Betty Crocker cookbook but she would also add smoke sausage, green peas, and cayenne pepper to it. It was outstanding cold as a leftover snack.

    I make a boiled cabbage and potato with smoked sausage (sometimes with andouille) I kind of make a colcannon out of it. Then recently I made real boston baked beans with pork cooked about 12 hours in the oven, this maybe my new comfort food.

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    Chicken or Pork Adobo. I am a sucker for Ramen and Pho, as well.

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