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Thread: $500 budget for home cook gyuto

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    Quote Originally Posted by David88 View Post
    dont know what got censored there but it meant to say "i have a professional japanese knife sharpener nearby"
    I live in brisbane. Where is this sharpener at?

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    Quote Originally Posted by RRLOVER View Post
    Don't listen to these Knife nerds.... don't go tiptoeing into the shallow end of the pool.... jump your ass right into the deep end.... go buy a five to six hundred dollar Gyuto...beat it it....then you will go buy another one...then another one...then another...etc.
    Agreed. If you want a nice knife, get one. The rest is secondary.

    I'd think about one of the makers on this forum.

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    So i cracked out the 1000/6000 king stone I have for sharpening my bushcraft knife and watched a few tutorials today and had a crack on an old chef knife and it was not as hard as I remembered.
    I can see how an amateur regularly sharpening a nice grind could ruin a knife but in what ways could I ruin it if i just did quick high grit/ceramic hone/strop touch ups myself and got a *** pro to sharpen it 4 times a year or so?
    in the meantime I could practice sharpening on my crappy knives as I procure stones and hopefully in a short while I would be able to sharpen it myself.

    I stressed in the description that the level of craftsmanship is the most important thing to me and I will not get satisfaction out of cooking with a $200 gyuto just because it is sharp. I want to own a work of art which is the culmination of some blacksmith's life experience and believe me I would baby it if im spending that much cash on it.

    Can anyone direct me to a few posts on the gesshin heiji semi stainless? I love the aesthetics and I don't mind spending a couple of hundred extra on something that I love the look of if i'm going to keep it for years.

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    And I want to say thanks for everyones responses, I did consider each opinion and this forum has taught me lots over the last few months.

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    If that's the case, ordering a custom from one of the makers here is a good option. It will take some time but you will have a real connection to it and it should last you a life time. There are plenty of Japanese knives that will satisfy your criteria, emailing Jon at Japanese knife imports would be a good start, he can talk you through some options.
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    I agree you should choose the gyuto you like or you'll regret every time when you use it & you'll want to upgrade your gyuto very soon! I think you should call or e-mail Jon(JKI) before you decide go for Heiji ss gyuto. Jon can give you clear idea about Heiji gyuto's performance not be too subjective. Moreover, you can also ask him how to Sharpening wide bevel knife(Heiji) & which stones you should
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    There's a beautiful Singatirin on BST. I think that fits the bill, not to mention, it leaves plenty left for a pretty nice board if you buy that one.

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