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Thread: How often do you sharpen your home gyuto

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    How often do you sharpen your home gyuto

    I know this is such an open question but I'm trying to get an idea of how often I would have to sharpen a home use gyuto in various steels.

    If you dont mind telling me what steel you have for your home cooking knife and how you maintain it e.g. weekly strop, monthly sharpen on stones etc.

    Appreciate it.


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    It really depends on too many factors (steel, type of edge, edge thickness, type of board, user skill, etc.) to just give a succinct answer but I'd say complete resharpening anywhere from once every couple of weeks to a few months. I maintain by taking a splash n go stone or a diamond plate and giving my edge a couple of swipes on it when necessary. Sometimes I use a 1 micron diamond loaded strop for touch ups.

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    3-4 times a year, not too worried about sharpness at home.

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    4-5 times a year, but i have more then one...

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    I'm a home cook and I sharpen every two to three weeks. Like tk59 shared, there are a lot of variables. Here are some details that might help give you an idea of how often you'll need to or want to sharpen.

    The knives I mostly use are a Kochi kurouchi gyuto, Shun classic santoku, and a CCK 1303 cleaver. I sharpen them using a King 1K, Gesshin 4K, and newspaper. Between sharpenings I'll refresh them on the newspaper strop. I cut on edge grain maple and cook almost every day.

    I'm not obsessive but I like to keep them pretty sharp. I sharpen when stropping alone isn't working well. This, of course, depends on how much cutting they do and what they're cutting. The other major factor is how much my wife uses them.

    My wife, who never cooked much, is now getting into it. She especially likes using our knives. She's getting more skilled with them but she's still kind of rough on the edges.

    So if I'm cutting a lot or if she's cutting a little (especially with the Kochi which is really thin behind the edge) I sharpen more often. I'f I'm not cutting a ton or if she hasn't been cooking I can go longer between sharpenings. As for stropping between sharpenings I'll do so as needed. It's very quick and easy to do.

    Regarding how often you will need to sharpen, it's a matter of personal taste. The better question is, how often will you want to sharpen? I know, and I'm sure you do too, people who almost never sharpen their knives. They bang them against a rod and saw through everything. For years I maintained my Wusthofs on a medium steel and a Norton IB8 only after they were long past frustratingly dull. Nowadays I get a lot of enjoyment not only from cooking with sharp knives but from maintaining them as well. You can definitely cut with a knife when its edge is in OK or even poor shape. What you'll accept depends on you.

    It sounds like you're considering upgrading your knives. I recommend first getting a medium grit waterstone. Use it on whatever knives you currently have. Just use that one stone for a while. The more you sharpen the easier and more enjoyable it will become. You'll also become more in-tune with your knives and your expectations around sharpness and performance will likely rise as well.

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    I give my knives about three or four light strokes on a ceramic hone after each use. Sharpen maybe every 3 or 4 months. Sometimes more, sometimes less. I use carbon, stainless and some in between.

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    I don't cook anywhere near as often as I like but still probably cook more than the average American. I primarily use carbon gyuto and always use one exclusively until it needs to be sharpened. My edges typically last 3-4 months at home. I touch up on a leather strop when tomatoes give me issues.
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    For most of the last 20 years, about 3X/year (on a rada disk tool)....starting 3 years ago when I got my first jKnife it went up to about 6x/year....Starting last year when I found this forum it's gone up to about 15X/year. I enjoy sharpening and as I learn more about it, I find my expectations for sharpness have increased. Steels have been a variety of stainless: Inox, VG, soft german stainless. But I now have a couple of knives with carbon edges (4 clad, 2 monosteel)...I'm certainly enjoying the relative ease/speed of sharpening with those.
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    For my home knife (takeda nakiri) I usually sharpen it once a month because I don't nearly use it enough to need it sharpened more often.

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    I touch up the 210mm vg10 gyuto on a finishing stone almost weekly, but only a couple minutes each time.

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