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Thread: How often do you sharpen your home gyuto

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    I sharpen every 3 weeks or so, as I have time to dedicate- everything I have is white #1 or white #2 (although that will change very soon), and I use a handful of different knives for different purposes (primary knife is a W#1 gyuto and a W#2 kiritsuke, with less frequent use of a W#2 yanagiba), I cut on end-grain wood, and mostly veg with a bit of protein. I will say that I'm tough on knives (poor habits learned when I worked a very busy line).

    I can't stand having my knives not sharp (really sharp... "OK" sharp won't do) - so as soon as something isn't feeling super sharp I'm rotating that knife out and getting it to stone when I have time. As my technique improves I'm finding that edges are lasting somewhat longer. But as Hutchla stated, I enjoy sharpening and see it as routine maintenance that keeps my kitchen in shape. It's no longer a profession for me, but as it's now a hobby it's much more enjoyable!

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    My "home gyuto" is a 30 year old Chicago Cutlery serrated bread knife I have sharpened exactly zero times often. That probably isn't helpful.

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    Sharpen every month, strop every week

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    sharpening, what's that? when my OOTB-edge gets dull, i buy a new gyuto!!!

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    I keep two 'go to' home knives. Watanabe shiro #2 santoku that needs constant attention (1.2k stone sharpening every 7-10 days, glass hone between) and a Konosuke HD gyuto that basically stays sharp for ever (quick strop on cardboard charged with 5k grit slurry once in a while).
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    like every second month

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    I'll sharpen my home gyuto (210 Itinomonn) when I do the work load since I have stones soaked and its there, but it almost never needs more than a quick touch up.

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    This is a rough "average" for me - keep in mind I sell knives as a part-time business, so I have many to play with and try out - But, I'd say for my most used knives, which are a Harner in W2, a Harner in CTS-XHP, and a Rodrigue in CPM-154, I sharpen about every 3 months, strop on an 8k once a week, and use a ceramic hone about twice a week. I'm constantly playing with different mediums, from newsprint to unloaded wood just out of curiosity, so my edges get a weird workout from time to time. I like a toothy edge, so a hone and light stropping works for me, but for guys who want to cleanly pop hair with the lightest touch, this likely won't work.

    What it all comes down to is whether or not you enjoy sharpening and what your standard for "sharp" is. I don't shave with my kitchen knives, but every now and then it's fun to give them an edge with which I could do so. Inevitably, soon after, I scuff them up and give them an edge that I prefer for cutting food.

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    Once every year or two.
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    Home cook but have not used the 256mm white #2 steel gyuto in my small kitchen prepping food for 2 people - for awhile. It is too big.
    When I get invited, that gyuto goes to other peoples bigger kitchens to prep larger quantities for the many people there. Happens throughout the year but concentrated during the holiday season. Always sharpen gyuto at home, after each of those sessions.
    I just ordered a smaller gyuto to use at home. Look forward to working and sharpening a blue #1 gyuto.

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