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Thread: Changing profession sale

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    Congrats on the move! And glws!

    once in a while you get shown the light, in the strangest of places if you look at it right

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    i would really like to see a picture of that 7cm homemade chef knife. very intriguing

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    Quote Originally Posted by bieniek View Post
    You know, I will. But it will be at home, for friends and I will use the honyaki/damascus that will be ordered sooner or later.

    In the same time, I had to be honest with myself and ask the question where I want to be in 10 years time. I definitely dont want to be busting my bollocks for someone elses business like I do now.
    So my choices were 1. to open a restaurant but its hard to find an inverstor these days, Ive had one but then to find a spot worthy of opening entirely new operation is very difficult here 2. start in an existing place just to be working there for few years to be able to make any changes and then leave cause man youre sick and tired of the low hygiene standards and what? you are going to teach everyone around how to wash hands? or 3. Change profile slightly, Get into a new opening boutique operation and be a coowner and responsible for the production/kitchen. Just the meat I think is so wide field of expertise that I will never master it.

    So in ten years perspective I want to open bigger factory and be on managing position, maybe will be doing veeery long hours now but this will pay back with more time/better stability for my family in the future.
    I see. Thanks for the insight and good luck to you.

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    Sounds like a positive move to me, good luck! Now someone put me out of my misery and buy that damn shig, it's a stunner

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    Congrats on the change! And GLWS.

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    Gl with the move and the sale!
    - Erik

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    Cheers to all of you for the warm words

    I got questions for nearly every knife in the set, but just one for the whole lot. So lets do a breakdown, which doesnt mean I am going piecemeal, but just to maybe introduce the idea for you folks of getting some kind of group buy out of this. Im not going to sell single pieces cause this mean that just the postage summed up would be 300 dollars for unregistered and 600 for registered... And I would have to do 10 x visit to post office.

    Shig is 500 easily. I just would not sell it for less. Period. It has beautiful handmade saya and merely used. Couldnt bring myself to treating it like Kato for example.

    Mizuno has one small ding in the back of the edge, this was a restoration project, the blade is polished [both sides] and has ugly factory saya. It is a workhorse 100

    Itinomonn 24 is the kurouchi one Maxim carries, new stands for 230 bucks new too. Would you sell it for 200? I think with the marketing it gets now and folks saying its as good as Kochi, should not be a problem.

    Itinomonn 21 is used [I reckon I eaten 2-3mm of its height] but still years of life in it so I reckon 100, if youre bothered to polish - refresh it

    Masamoto 27 slicer with my saya. New is coming for 370 dollars with 3 months waiting time. And you get saya from yanagiba which is disgusting and doesnt fit.
    350 dont sell it for less. I think this is a keeper anyway.

    Gesshin Yoshihiro 21 very good condition and I mean it straight well looked after blade used 2mm of height maybe? 200 [new 275]

    Masamoto 22.5 Mioroshi deba old stock now this is something. Rarer than shig, I dont think there is another on KKF. If I was about just selling this by itself, I would NOT take any less than 350.
    Regular deba from the same masamoto line, KS, in this length, price taken from JCK, 489 USD. This one have decent saya I have made. Was ground and polished

    Kikuichi Mitsuhide 18cm flat edged deba have saya its honkasumi nice straight blade but unusual 100.
    All of the debas have bevels ground flat without low high spots and are polished.

    Homemade double bevel 12 cm ajikiri with saya & mini-chefs knife 7cm no pricing. Basically free.

    Someone asked for pic of the baby chefs knife, second from the bottom. The only things im keeping is the Misono parer the worlds best parer and the Doi

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