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Thread: Hattori KD30 (Cowry X) Yanagiba 330mm mirror finished - consider re-handling

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    I'd keep it simple and classy black on black with ivory or silver spacer.

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    Very nice knife

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    Quote Originally Posted by The hekler View Post
    I'd keep it simple and classy black on black with ivory or silver spacer.
    If this was my knife and I was going to rehandle it this is how I'd roll with it.

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    I also like the handle myself. Great looking knife.

    PS: ' is feet, " is inches

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    Quote Originally Posted by ggg16902002 View Post
    A new addition to my collection, Hattori KD30 (Cowry X) Yanagiba 330mm mirror finished.
    Overall length is 480mm (18.9'), Weight is 237g.
    Blade measures 325mm (12.8') and it's 37.3mm (1.47') at the heel.
    The spine is 4.51mm at the heel and 0.91mm at the tip.

    I consider re-handling, maybe carved wood or ivory wa handle, any suggestions

    That may be the greatest knife of all time!!!!!

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    That says a lot coming from Bruce!
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    Let the blade speak for itself, it doesn't need embellishment.

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    Wow. Put me on the list of people to contact if this ever comes up for sale.

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