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Thread: Looking to upgrade from shun classic. Masamtor or Misono maybe

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    Looking to upgrade from shun classic. Masamtor or Misono maybe

    Hello all. Been studying up on knives recently. Line cook and culinary graduate. I wanted to wait to upgrade from my shun & victorinox knives until I had a better sharpening ability and understanding. Much practice later and I'm ready to upgrade.

    I was looking at the Masamoto VG 9.4" gyotou to replace my shun. I simply don't like the shun as much as I thought I would. Ive used a friends Misono UX-10 and liked it but she doesn't sharpen it often enough so it wasn't that sharp and I don't want to spend that much on a knife. I've read that the VG and Misono 440 molybdenum are similar no?

    Was wondering your thoughts on the VG, or of there are any other gyotous in the same price range I should consider that are similar? Also for a steel right know I only have my shun steel, gift with the knife. I've been trying to look into ceramic steels and am just wondering if and what you guys would recommend for a knife like this in-between water-stone sharpening.

    Was also looking into possibly picking up a petty as all I have now is a small pairing knife. So open to suggestions for a reasonable petty as well.

    Thank you

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    masa vg is a very nice knife, i love the profile on that and is one of the few 'tall' knives available. however it does require some skill to sharpen it well. for easier transition i recommend mac pro which also comes with one of the best western handles.

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    I have that very same Masamoto. It was my first J knife. It was a bit heftier than I expected and the 70/30 bevel was different but I quickly grew to really like it.

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    Please be aware that the VG has nowadays a POM handle which I wouldn't find acceptable at this price point. I would choose between the Misono 440 -- the better F&F -- and the Hiromoto Gin-3 -- the better steel.

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    This was also my first jKnife and I too have been quite pleased with it. Eventually got a custom handle and matching saya made for it.
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    I have a virgin carbon version of this knife. It was my first true Jknife after my shun and found the profile to be miles better. But at the same time was not super flat and a pretty easy transition from a shun.

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    Thanks for all the advice thus far.

    I'm not so concerned with what the handle is made out of, more the blade.

    One of the guys I worked with has an 8" suisin gyutou and I used it today. Liked it quite a bit. Not sure exactly which model it is.

    Another guy I know suggested the mac pro and said he swears by it for general purpose chefs knife and I've seen others say the same online.

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    are you insistent on stainless?

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    Spend the dough on sharpening gear and bring the Shun Classic to new heights. Although not the best knives they can get a decent edge.

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    I'm simply not a fan of the shun. I have the proper sharpening gear and have spent time practicing with different chefs to hone my sharpening abilities. Now I'm ready for a new knife. I haven't ruled out carbon. I actually kind of like the look when its petined and has that mirrored fresh edge on the bottom. But it will be a general use chefs knife and will definitely get petined quickly.

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