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Thread: Rakuten finds

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    Quote Originally Posted by perneto View Post
    Not sure how trustworthy the picture is though. The handle looks round or D-shaped, but the description says it's hexagonal.
    The description also claims it is fried.

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    Quote Originally Posted by GlassEye View Post
    The description also claims it is fried.
    deep fried inox steel. its a "heat treat" secret.

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    Quote Originally Posted by labor of love View Post
    deep fried inox steel. its a "heat treat" secret.
    once in a while you get shown the light, in the strangest of places if you look at it right

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    I have acquired some vocabulary in lurking around too many japanese knife shops, and am sharing some it here:

    正本総本店 - Masamoto Souhonten (Kyoto store)
    築地正本 - Tsukiji Masamoto (Tokyo)
    堺孝行 - Sakai Takayuki
    忠房 - Tadafusa
    酔心 - Suisin
    重房 - Shigefusa
    ミソノ - Misono
    有次 - Aritsugu
    築地有次 - Tsukiji Aritsugu (Tokyo)

    Type of knife:
    洋出刃 - western deba
    牛刀 - gyuto
    筋引 - sujihiki
    ぺティー petty
    柳刃 - yanagiba
    薄刃 - usuba
    鎌型薄刃 - kamagata usuba
    出刃 - deba
    切付 - kiritsuke

    白 - white
    青 - blue

    包丁 - kitchen knife
    刃物 - knife warez

    Also there are of course varying levels of quality from each brand.
    From Sakai Takayuki I've seen:
    霞 Kasumitogi
    本霞 Hongasumi
    Tsukiji Aritsugu:
    別打 Betsuuchi? Betsuda?
    特製 Tokusei

    Hopefully I've helped someone look around Rakuten or google for various doses of knife porn & there isn't already a list of these words... If the list generates interest I will add more but with this you can browse quite a few knives, eg.

    copy pasting 堺孝行 柳刃 白 should bring up yanagiba from Sakai Takayuki with some kind of white steel (a "二" or "2" in the description will probably mean white#2)
    If you're in english and you want to decrypt some of the description, click on the top right corner (i'm talking about Rakuten btw) and select 日本語 as the language


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    Thanks for the translations, it helps alot on rakuten I just made my first order there, so im a bit nervous right now ^^ I hope tenso is good lol.

    I found a shop called subaru that had lots of Masamotos, and i think it may be the only shop that has the SW-series in stock.

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    Thanks a lot Ryan

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    I just found out that it was 2 months waiting time for Masamoto Sw. It felt too good to be true that they had them in stock...

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    Thanks Ryan for sharing your work, greatly appreciated.

    This week ordered a couple of unbranded 180mm white steel usuba from Houcho and will post pictures when they arrive. Any preferences for here or "show us your latest knife" thread?

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    Reviving this thread because I found a new Rakuten shop:

    It seems to be a maker selling directly; the brand is Matsuo. They have some nice looking stuff.

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    Thank you , your information is very helpful

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