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Thread: Food Release Videos

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    Nice vid Magnus - thanks for sharing.

    Can we talk about "grind" for a moment while we're in the food release thread... just thinking out loud...

    To me, "grind" refers to the end result of what the maker does on a grinder of some sort, whether water wheel, belt, stones, etc. Grind can be used as both noun and verb. The grind of a knife, when I hear it, means that the knife has been ground from spine to edge. This would mean that kuro-uchi knives are not ground from spine to edge, usually from edge to a height of the secondary bevel, or shinogi line. The area above the secondary bevel or shinogi that's left with a kuro-uchi finish would have been hammered to shape.

    So using Moritaka as an example, Magnus's damascus 240 gyuto we see above has (probably) been ground from edge to spine, whereas the KS that Salty shot some time ago has only been ground from edge to secondary bevel/shingoi line (if that's even the correct term to describe it - it may be just one large bevel).

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    Thanks Mpukas. Took some fast shots on it that should answer your questions.

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    Very nice thread, thanks for the illustrative efforts

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