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Thread: some recently complete sharpening/repair jobs

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    some recently complete sharpening/repair jobs

    I know i always forget the before pics... sorry.

    The masamotos were in for rehandling and sharpening. The honyaki was also refinished, polished, etc.

    The nenohi kiritsuke was in for a broken tip repair and sharpening (as well as general cleanup) and the takobiki (forged by shiraki-san and ground by murray carter) was in for sharpening repair and rehandling.

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    Got a better pic of the tip on the kiritsuke? I'm curious to see what you did with it.

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    Nice work Jon! I can almost see your finger print in that one shot.
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    How much of a time commitment was involved in polishing with the finger stones Jon. They were beautiful.

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    Hours of work were involved with the mirror finish, but the rest were easier. The honyaki took me about an hour to do though.

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    Beautiful polish!!

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    Jon, the finish on the honyaki is stunning. Would you be able to achieve close to the same result using wet/dry sand paper and consistently increasing the grit?
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    I've gone up to 12000 grit Micromesh, and it doesn't look nearly like that.

    White rouge and a buffing wheel work though.
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    I finish off with Cape Cod polish after fine sandpaper. It does give a nice mirror-like look.

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