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Thread: Short Ribs Cheeseburger topped with a Bacon Weave

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    Looks so good! That bacon weave taco is pretty brilliant.

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    sw2geeks In Ft Worth, the Star Telegram ? I'd like to check out the article, and see how wrong you are . My last meal before dying is a hamburger within driving distance of Ft Worth. Thanks for the photos, that burger does look great.

    As an aside, the next time you're in Austin check out http://epicerieaustin.com/, best burger in Austin, might be my new favorite restaurant in Austin.

    Mucho Bocho Awesome grinder.

    Edit: I can grammar.

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    Thanks for the FB but this is my baby grinder. She's seen tons of meat but these days when I make sausage, I usually make 50 pounds minimum.

    This is my current grinder. This will push 1 2LBS per minute.


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