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Thread: Short Ribs Cheeseburger topped with a Bacon Weave

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    Looks so good! That bacon weave taco is pretty brilliant.

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    Austin, TX
    sw2geeks In Ft Worth, the Star Telegram ? I'd like to check out the article, and see how wrong you are . My last meal before dying is a hamburger within driving distance of Ft Worth. Thanks for the photos, that burger does look great.

    As an aside, the next time you're in Austin check out, best burger in Austin, might be my new favorite restaurant in Austin.

    Mucho Bocho Awesome grinder.

    Edit: I can grammar.

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    Thanks for the FB but this is my baby grinder. She's seen tons of meat but these days when I make sausage, I usually make 50 pounds minimum.

    This is my current grinder. This will push 1 2LBS per minute.

    One thing you can give and still your word.

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