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Thread: 8/20 Brand New Pieces in our Web Store

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    8/20 Brand New Pieces in our Web Store

    I am adding brand new pieces of stabilized and natural woods to our web store almost every day.
    There is a constant supply of blocks being sent to K&G for stabilizing so there are new batches coming back at least once a week.
    So, to make it easy to see what is Brand New I have set up a category in the store called Brand New Pieces. The new pieces are also listed in their appropriate categories. Example; a brand new block of Stabilized Redwood Burl will be shown in both the Brand New Pieces and the Stabilized Blocks / Redwood categories. After a few days any of the brand new pieces remaining will be deleted from the Brand New Pieces category. This way what you see will be a few days old at the most.

    Today the phone company was running new lines for internet and we were without internet access for most of the day.
    But I still managed to get a few new blocks added to the store.
    These are Oversized Blocks of some really good Redwood Burl. I really like these pieces. They were all cut from the same piece of burl so they look similar to each other but not exactly the same. This piece of burl looks really good because not only are there a lot of eyes but there is also crushed velvet looking figure all around the eyes. Kind of hard to describe so it is probably easier to just look at the individual photos in the store.

    If you click on the photo it will take you to the Brand New Pieces Category of the store. You will need to scroll down the page a bit to get past the remaining new pieces that were posted yesterday. If you want to compare these to the other Redwood pieces you can just go directly to the Stabilized Blocks / Redwood category. Last I looked there were about 4 dozen pieces of stabilized Redwood.

    Everything in our webstore comes with a No Questions Asked, Money Back Guarantee.
    Free US Shipping - $20 Flat Rate International Shipping or Free International Shipping for Orders over $100.
    The store software will also apply volume discounts, 10% if your order is over $200, or 20% if your order is over $500.

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    I don't know why I click on these links lol. /sigh!

    Those are some really beautiful pieces. The larger pictures on your site really show them off as well.


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