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Thread: The All U Need Strop Kit

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    Sorry Tristan. I snagged one of the remaining sets when I saw Dave's "3 left!" post

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    Argh... lucky for you I have something good coming in from a talented individual up at Canada shortly

    I only tried stropping yesterday... makes a huge difference. Guess I'm slow.

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    Dave, do you have any idea when these will be back in stock at their regular price?

    I want one finally!

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    I was first out of felt and now the supplier is having trouble getting the leather pads. Shoot me a PM and we can talk.

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    Also waiting for a kit......patiently....have plenty of balsa, cardboard and newspaper in the meantime.

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    Just checking in to see how this was coming.

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    Wow do you have good timing Ben, I was just about to drop an update in here for you guys waiting on this item.

    Unexpectedly the hone supplier had an issue come up with his leather supplier where he can no longer get the same leather anymore. This is a BIG deal to the both of us since we're both users as well as sellers of this product. Any leather pad that I sell has to be approved by me to meet or exceed my base standards and I have very high standards these days. This means that the hunt for new leather has not been an easy one, in fact it's been an impossible one. The supplier has been all over the country looking for just the right texture that can be bought in bulk and that will adhere properly to the steel plates and then of course pass our tests too.

    I have bases, plates, felt, and diamond spray here on hold but no leather which is a key component. Yes I could slap on some leather from wherever but neither of us wants that. At the moment there is no clear solution to this problem.

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    Awwwwwwwwwww crap.

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    I just got word that a replacement leather source has been found and it's supposed to be good stuff! I don't have a sample or details on when I will get them yet but I'll keep you informed. Woohoo!

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