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Thread: Which stone?

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    Do you have other stones? If I had to do it again I'd only get two stones either gesshin (400-4k) or gesshin (600-6k)

    The 4k and the 6k cut so fast you won't need to drop down further than that very often and if you do the course stone only take a few passes anyways.

    I'd save the other money I spent for jnats and knives

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    Quote Originally Posted by jgraeff View Post
    Do you have other stones?
    I have Shapton GS 500/1k/6k. Usually just use the 1k to 6k. Sometimes I think the 1k is probably overkill to start with. I'm leaning toward getting the Gesshin 2k soaker just to see how it feels. I'll go from that to the Shapton 6k.

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    The 2k is nice cuts really fast leaves a 2k edge useable for petty and fish etc.

    But the 4k cuts just as fast and leaves much better edge. Just something to think about I have the 2k but only use on my fish knives, parings knives Etc something with a lot
    Of tooth.

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