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Thread: Anybody ever have hand surgery?

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    my sister did twice when she was super young. she suffered some injury..and it got knotty, gangrenous. took two surgeries to clear it up. she is never gonna be 100%. but she could still play violin and the piano..and beat up my punk ass.

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    I've had a bunch of sports related surgeries. 2 knee, 2 shoulder, hernia and a few hand surgeries over a 20 year span. The three most important aspects I've found regarding surgery is first and formemost you have to pick your surgeon properly. Some are aggressive, some aren't. Your surgeon should understand what your goals are and how surgery may or may not help you achieve them. Second, no matter what surgery you have you probably won't recover as fast and maybe not as well as you would have years before. Another thing to discuss with the surgeon. Lastly, you have to be committed to your rehab. You must do your physio every day as prescribed without fail.

    All the best.

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