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Thread: New additions to our Kochi line

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    New additions to our Kochi line

    We just added a bunch of new kochi knives to the website (though many dont have pictures yet)... 180mm and 210mm kurouchi debas, 150mm kurouchi honesuki, and 270mm kurouchi wa-sujihiki... all in V2 steel with burnt chestnut octagon handles. Check 'em out here:

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    If I were to get a deba for a Japanese kitchen, would kurouchi be ok or is it looked upon like patina? Sorry if you've answered this one a million times.

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    in a real professional japanese kitchen in japan, you probably would not see a kurouchi deba. However, many people here have trouble taking care of them well, as they are always wet, so we thought the kurouchi might be helpful... also, obviously, the cultural norms here are not the same.

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    Is the honesuki a true single bevel or a 90/10 double bevel?

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    ahh... its actually a 50/50 one... we wanted to make it more lefty friendly this time. Its totally fine for both right and left handed users.

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    Just when I thought I was out....They pullllllllled me back in.

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    Very Nice knives I love the design and weight they have the handles make them easy to use all day with out fatigue to my hands .


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