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Thread: Tojiro bread knife with slight gaps in handle

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    Tojiro bread knife with slight gaps in handle

    Just got it today. What would you do? Return, leave alone, or fill? If fill, would tinted waterproof epoxy get down in those small gaps? Tape off and drop in some super glue?

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    Re-handle, or return. I returned mine, their quality is really half-ass. It's an easy fix, but will likely still look like crap if you go that route.
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    I'm gonna return. Bummer cuz I do like it. Would love to re handle but can't afford that route now

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    It wouldn't bother me. I'd just fill it with epoxy. But you can't go wrong with a return. For 20 or 30 bucks more, you can try a MAC Superior bread knife.

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    Yeah, maybe I'll do that or consider a sujihiki for slicing crusty stuff.

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    Its a $60 knife. What did you expect?

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    I'd just wax it up good and use it as is.....
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    Quote Originally Posted by banjo1071 View Post
    Its a $60 knife. What did you expect?

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    Tojiro really has been dropping the ball. If it bugs you, return it. If you can live with it, keep it.

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