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Thread: Which 240mm wa-gyuto in $200-$300 range? Flat-ish profile

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    Lightweight? Sakai Yusuke flat profile.

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    Gesshin Ginga White #2?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Baby Huey View Post
    Still new here, but think putting links to websites is frowned upon. You can google the name of the knives to find dealers that carry them. That goes for all the knives mentioned.
    You can link, just not to a certain site, do it all the time.
    Chewie's the man.

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    Quote Originally Posted by WiscoNole View Post
    Too bad a Masamoto KS is slightly above your price range.
    That is tempting. I hate that "the bad place" has it for a better price than elsewhere I've seen.

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    Quote Originally Posted by chinacats View Post
    Awesome deal in b/s/t right now on a Watanabe gyuto with kiriksuke tip! Will be gone quick.
    Not in a position to buy quite yet

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    I'll check out the Sakai!

    I was also condsidering the Kochi. Jon has it on order but not sure when he will receive.

    I love my 210mm Ginga, but looking for something just a bit flatter.

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    Konosuke HD2 looks like a good option for you. Flattish profile, it's not carbon but semi-stainless it gets very sharp and feels good on the stone in addition to better rust resistance. It's light, considered to be a "laser". The downside of it lightness, it has some flex.

    As for Sakai Takayuki Grand Cheff, I have a petty from this line and I do not like their AEB-L. Mind you that may be my expectations were to high for a stainless steel.

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    Guess I am still too new. Can someone PM me the name of the NoNoNaughtywebsite so I know not to bring it up?

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    PM sent, Baby Huey.

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    if you already own a gesshin ginga 210mm, i dont see the need to buy a konosuke 240mm. i would rather purchase a knife that would have different cutting characteristics, as those 2 knives are similar in regards to cutting.

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