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Thread: Corkage to be or not to be

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    We are a no BYO restaurant, but will make exceptions. ( usually for sentimental bottles rather than expensive bottles) it can turn people off. Australia has a BYO culture, stemming back to when liquor licensing was stricter, and very few restaurants could sell alcohol.
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    Quote Originally Posted by mano View Post
    The only other place I ever saw many restaurants with BYOB/corkage policies is Napa and Sonoma.

    Because it so common for folks to have special wines in their collection at home.

    Apparently it's catching on throughout the country.

    Thanks to the goddesses!

    Some places such as Peter Luger's in NYC won't allow BYOB for any wine or anyone. I heard they turned away Henry Kissenger's attempt to bring a bottle of Lafite.

    I guess that's because Peter is such hot chit?? lol Come into the century you arrogant jerk.
    I'm very adamant and aggresive about allowing corkage. Did you guess? ;-)

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    Quote Originally Posted by mhlee View Post
    I'm not a restauranteur, nor do I work in the restaurant industry, but I somewhat regularly bring wines with me to dinner with friends, including chefs and people that work in restaurants. The people in the industry that I've eaten with nearly all have corkage at their restaurants. I've not received one objection about bringing wine. (I almost always ask first.)

    First, the corkage cost, as has been repeatedly explained to me, is to cover cost of labor and glasses (primarily glasses since they obviously get broken when used). And, second, restaurants that don't want people to bring in wines just don't allow it.

    With respect to tipping, if I receive good wine service for a wine that I've brought in, I'll add extra gratuity as part of the tip (I calculate tip based on the total that includes the corkage fee.) In addition, more often than not, I've usually also purchased cocktails with the wine that I've brought so there are beverages included on my bill. I don't just order water, and only drink the wine that I've brought.

    One thing that is important is that something on the wine list or a super cheap wine are not brought to the restaurant. Bring something that's not on the list, and is a good bottle. In addition, I've always found that offering a taste to the waitstaff that's serving your wine or manager is the polite thing to do.
    That covers it perfectly.

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    In Wisconsin it is against the law to bring your own alcoholic beverage to a Class B establishment. However, most restaurants ignore the law and it isn't enforced. The one's that don't allow it stick out like a sore thumb.
    Professionally speaking, as long as it's not on my list and you take care of the server I'm fine with it.

    Personally speaking, If I bring a bottle it will be a good one I'd usually share with friends, so we'll usually buy one from the list as well and tip accordingly.

    We also allow people to bring in Budweiser at no charge. Some people have to have their Bud. We have found it's best not to argue with them.

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    i love bringing my own wine. i have stuff, i know the restaurant wont have.

    i wont bring cheap wine. it needs to, at a bare minimum, outweigh the corkage. and i dont want to bring something already on the list.

    i usually will bring one bottle, and if the group is large, we drink a bunch of theirs as well. the servers always get excited if they see something unknown. i always invite anyone to bring over a glass. especially the sommelier. (<--did i just butcher that spelling?)

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    A somali? You in Africa? They like wine too over there?
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    Quote Originally Posted by Justin0505 View Post
    A somali? You in Africa? They like wine too over there?
    Ethiopia has a wine industry, but I am not so sure about Somalia. That Mogadishu Bdx blend with new french oak is really stunning.

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