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Thread: Upgrade from Misono 440 recommendations

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    Upgrade from Misono 440 recommendations

    I bought my first Japanese knife (with your help) back in April, a Misono 440 gyuto and I really like working with it but I'm ready for an upgrade. It's currently on its way to Jon for a sharpening and to fix the tip which somehow curled. Anyhow, I'd like to stick with a rust resistant one, western handle and I think I'm going to go for a 240 this time. I'd also like to get one with kanji engraving on it with a budget of around $200-$250. Of course cheaper is always better

    Whichever knife I get I want it to be my "forever" gyuto and I plan to have the handle redone to really make it mine. The hubby is having heart palpitations over my knife addiction and told me to get one that I really like and stay with it lol.

    The one I really like is the Kikuichi Warikomi gold and the Damascus. I'm not sure if the makers name is etched or stamped and unsure of the performance so I'd like your input and suggestions on other knives please.

    Here is the link to my original post back in April

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    What are the some of most important improvements compared to your Misono that you're looking for?
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    Hmmm, this is my only gyuto so I don't have anything to compare it to as far as function goes other than a Wusthof, which was a BIG improvement, but I would like something a bit sharper, bigger and honestly, prettier. I've got stones on order so that's something I'll be teaching myself soon. Basically, a sexy, sharp and good performing 240.

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    Western handle or wa handle?

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    Gesshin ginga or kagero? If damascus cladding is a must, I'd personally save up another $200-300 and pick up a Tanaka R2 or Saji R2.

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    Hiromoto AS maybe? AS is a great performer. I think the patina looks badass against the cladding too. I like the way they look OOTB but you can snazzy them up pretty good too. Do a search for some of the full spa treatments that Dave has done on them.

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    The prettier x performance x western handle = $$$

    If this is really the route you want to go, I'd save up a little more dosh, and then see where you want to go.
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    Honestly I agree with the above who mentioned saving up more money but if I was you I would order a custom from one of the makers on this board and be done with it.
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    Western rehandle will cost you about $ about forget Damascus & rehandle and get a very nice 240 J-gyuto or custom gyuto for around $450~500?
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