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Thread: JNS 800 Discount !!

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    I wanna try the JNS 6k, It seems like I should grab the beginner set & get 1k & bester for an extra 60 bucks. If that helps with shipping James I'm in
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    looks like it may be too late but I'd be in for a usa group buy

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    Nope, not too late for the USA group buy. I just decided to pull the trigger before getting any other buyers I'm impatient, yes... Anyone else PM me for details.

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    I will Ship tomorrow, so there is still time for us group buy

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    Still have one more stone up for grabs in the US groupbuy. They're currently in transit over the Atlantic, but not too late to get in on this deal - splitting all costs 4 ways for a total of $67.40 / stone

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    That was faster than expected - three people just messaged me, so last stone is gone... I guess the weekend isn't the best time to start a groupbuy.

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