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Thread: EBAY---Bob Kramer 8'' Custom Chef Knife Meiji Flip Flop Damascus

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    Quote Originally Posted by Von blewitt View Post
    I found an older listing for this knife with a starting bid of $6000. I'm guessing that is the reserve.
    Yup, my thoughts exactly. I've been following this auction for close to a month now through my eBay account.
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    I know last year there was a guy trying to sell one. I watched the guy post and repost many times. The highest I seen it go was for 10k before I quit watching it. After 4 mo. of watching I just couldn't keep watching.
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    Quote Originally Posted by brainsausage View Post
    I'd rather have that 270 KD if I was gonna drop that kinda dough.
    Hell yeah.
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    The Kramer profile doesn't seem as appealing to me as the Hattori is.

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