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Thread: If you had $500-600 to spend on a deba/yanagi...

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    If you had $500-600 to spend on a deba/yanagi...

    Hey guys, my birthday is coming up and I should be getting something between $500-600 of spending money, which means new knives, obviously. I've been wanting a deba and yanagi for a while. Just as an informal poll, if you had that much to spend and wanted to get a decent combination of those two knives what would you get? I've been looking at the Yoshihiro knives as a starting place, as well as at the Tanaka knives at metalmasterjp's site. Unfortunately the latter haven't been available for a while. I'm looking for something well finished, not damascus, and in the 300-330/180-210 range for the yanagi and deba respectively. Eventually I plan to buy a Shig yanagi down the line, so I don't mind the yanagi being more of a workhorse/lesser quality blade, though I still would like it to be finished well. The deba on the other hand will probably be the only deba I ever buy, so something nicer would probably be better here. In fact, I might end up only buying a deba at this time, it really depends on how much cash I actually have to spend.

    What do you guys think?

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    I wonder how much a deba from Butch would cost?
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    From an earlier thread somewhere, I remember a lot of folks saying to spend your money on the yanagi and get a cheap deba. I know you said you were more interested in a workhorse yanagi but the nicest yanagi I've ever held was the Suisin Densho. It just felt great compared to the others I've had the opportunity to handle. I also liked the Gesshin Hide quite a bit. Both appeared pretty much flawless but the Densho felt particularly good.

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    Since you asked what I'd do... It would be a Watanabe yanagi without a doubt. Looks like it would be a little more than half to two thirds of your budget. I have never really used a deba so can't comment there. I don't own one, and never really needed one. I have an akijiri I like though, sorta like a super mini deba.
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    I would get a shigefusa yanagi, they are great great knives.
    For deba I would get a Hon Kasumi white 2 , very well made and cheap price.

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    I second the Suisin. I mean, I started a freaking thread inspired by one a couple weeks ago!

    Take a look around at:

    Email me at:

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    AFAIK, Metalmaster Takeshi is still in business but he is not operating from ebay but his own site <>. I'm guessing that ebay commissions are eating too much into his margins which are already being squeezed by the falling USD.

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    Id hit the shig at once. Contact DrNaka and make your day complete.
    Or I would talk to Jon. He can find you one out of this world

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    Quote Originally Posted by Seb View Post
    AFAIK, Metalmaster Takeshi is still in business but he is not operating from ebay but his own site <>. I'm guessing that ebay commissions are eating too much into his margins which are already being squeezed by the falling USD.
    Yeah, his site is what I was referring to. All of his relevant Tanaka knives are out of stock right now.

    That Suisin Densyo looks amazing... Would eat up my whole budget but that looks like a hell of a knife.

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    If I was to have $600 to spend on a yanagi/deba, I'd try to spend about $400-$450 on the yanagi and the rest on the deba. Debas IMO are intended to be handled roughly and do all of your heavy work. Because of this, you will wear it out faster with use than a yanagi (but obviously thats with heavy use.) Also, you dont really want to be beating up a knife that is too expensive.

    As far as brands go, Shigefusa's yanagi is the best one that I have ever used. Amazingly thin and cuts with little to no effort. They are pricey and would push your budget a bit but well worth the money. After that, I'd recommend Konosuke as I have one and it is also incredible. You can also customize your knife with steel choices and handle options via Jon @ JKI.
    For a deba, the hon kasumi at EE seems to be highly recommended. Also, Yoshihiro. I lucked out in that department by finding a vintage white steel deba on eBay years and years ago for $20. The best bargain ever..

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