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Thread: Takeda Banno Bunka or Sasanoha? Thoughts?

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    Takeda Banno Bunka or Sasanoha? Thoughts?

    What's ya'lls thoughts on the Takeda Banno Bunka or Takeda Sasanoha?

    I like the profile and length (7.125") of the Sasanoha, and I also like the looks of the Banno Bunka.

    In your opinion, do you think of the Banno Bunka, more as a "Santoku", or a general/multi-purpose knife(Gyuto)? Or is it something in between?

    Thinking about adding one of these to kick-start my collection.

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    the sasanoha is probably the better all around profile. i have a zakuri bunkabocho and dont like the profile at all, but it seems to have much more belly then the takeda. the takeda seems to be more like a nakiri with a very slight tip.

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    Thanks for your reply!

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