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Thread: ECG 2011 Pictures

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    great shots and i cant wait to hear about ow goony i look in the video

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    Really got me wishing I could have been there!

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    The Zapruder film came out clearer than that!
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    dont judge... its a SLR, not a video camera... plus my 60mm lens has no image stabilization

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    Heres another video... this one is a short clip of Del's (Delbert Ealy for those of you who dont know) forging demo:

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    Thanks for the excellent pictures, clearly you know what you are doing behind the lens of a camera. This year's ECG looked like it was a great time but I have to admit I am glad I did not go because I'm not sure I'd be able to pay the mortgage with all those awesome knives laying about. I still cannot believe how legendary Butch's tuna sword is, that right there is the ultimate!


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    Quote Originally Posted by DevinT View Post
    Who had the spoon?
    That was me -- I could not pass up a chance to show it off

    Quote Originally Posted by PierreRodrigue View Post
    Really got me wishing I could have been there!
    Even though you could not be there you were well-represented Your suji had the honor of slicing up the briskets, and the petty and paring were on display.
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    Sara has such a great eye for photography. Thanks for posting all this Jon.

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