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Thread: Oyster/Shucking knife

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    I'm very interested in the OP's question about finding a nice, fairly inexpensive shucking knife. My drawer is filled with cheap ones (like Oxo or whatever else my fish monger had in a bucket by the cash register), but I'd love to upgrade. The Victorinox was suggested. One of the posts showed a nice set of 8 or 12 shuckers (wouldn't the guests be impressed?!?). But beyond the collectables and the oddities, what would you recommend for good, long, thin, oyster shucking knives?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Ring909 View Post
    This pistol grip oyster shucking knife was designed by and is used by former world oyster chmpion and Guinness record older (38 in 1 minute) Patrick McMurry of Starfish in Toronto.
    I know cracking large oysters takes a bit of tork with a small knife.Who can argue with that 38 pistol grip setting Canadian & American records.30 CDN Bucks

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    i use this shucker every day at work and i love it

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    This one - from Le Creuset - just popped up in my inbox
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    Chef Niloc would you have any interest on parting with one of the old vintage ones?

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