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Thread: Tojiro ITK 270 bread knife vs Richmond Artifex 270

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    What makes you think the Tojiro is VG-10? I've always seen it listed as "molybdenum-vanadium steel"..

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    heres a prime example of comparing steel types, when it really shouldnt matter. even if its V-whatever i would take it over a richmond anything everyday of the week.

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    Here's a sampling of bread knives we've got at work.

    Traditional bread knife serrations


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    Is it just me or do the close-ups of the Mac and Tojiro show the cutting edges much more similar to one another than Dave's illustrations would suggest? I can't tell any difference at all between those two edges...

    As for the steel types...I'm not saying it makes a difference, but the OP seemed interested in that aspect so I figured he might as well be sure what the knife is actually made of since it seems to make a difference to him.

    I have a Tojiro bread knife and like it very much, however it came shipped with a burr significant enough to catch my thumbnail...wasn't a big deal to fix. Also someone on here recently had a bad handle issue with theirs. My take is that the Mac is more likely to come with better F&F for the extra bucks, but as long as you can return a lemon if you get unlucky then take your pick between those two.

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    You're right, having owned the MAC myself, I can say it's not truly scalloped. But it does have more aggressive scallops than the Tojiro. Very nice, for a bread knife

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    wow, thanks guys. I'm really blown away by so many great responses (with pics. even)!

    I am not particularly interested in the steel. I just wanted to know why the Richmond is more expensive.

    It doesn't matter anymore, for the money I was willing to shell for a Richmond I will get the Mac instead.

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    I've been using a Wusthof 10" bread knife for years, before I got into Japanese knives and really knew nothing then. Very rarely use it, but it's good for what it is. I've never paid too much attention to serrated knives. This is a very informative thread for me. I may actually add a Jojiro or Mac to the WANT list. Cheers!
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    I always just cut bread with my gyuto, although I rarely have to cut bread.. Is there a reason that I shouldn't use it?

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