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Thread: Knife handle material

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    Knife handle material

    Hello all-what is you favorite handle material. Mine top 3 Are Ativan black wood,walnut Burl, and amboyna.I want to try some canvas micarta.thanks-marekz

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    Ehhh, that's like picking favorite kid.

    Maple burl
    Spalted maple burl
    Desert ironwood burl
    Desert ironwood
    Black ash burl
    California buckeye burl
    Amboyna burl
    African blackwood
    Box elder burl

    Okay, this is getting silly. All of them. I have dreams about's a serious illness.

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    Haha yeah. Tough to choose. I mostly prefer any burl, spalted or interestingly grained woods. Dyed ones can come out pretty cool too. In addition to most of watercrawl's list, I really like Honduran Rosewood Burl and Redwood Burl.
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