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Thread: FS Moritaka Honesuki & Yosihide(Shigefusa sоn) Funayuki

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    FS Moritaka Honesuki & Yosihide(Shigefusa sоn) Funayuki

    I need the money and I decided to sell some of their knives
    1) Moritaka Honesuki (Aogami2)
    exellent condition
    $ 85

    2) Yosihide Funayuki 175mm(Shigefusa sоn)

    This is an excellent knife and is very beautiful, I have been polished.
    Thickness of 5 mm, 4 mm above the heel
    width 32mm
    length from the heel to the tip of 170mm
    $ 250

    The price includes free shipping worldwide and paypal fees.
    I can sell two knives in one hand for $ 300

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    That Yoshihide is a beautiful knife!
    In order to make delicious food, you must eat delicious food. Jiro Ono

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    Moritaka pending...
    Yoshihide-220$(worldwide free shipping,paypal includes)

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    Thanks KKF!

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