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Thread: Misono UX10 spine?

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    Misono UX10 spine?

    Are the spines of Misono UX10 knives flat? Rounded? Something in between?

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    The UX10 spines are ever so slightly raised, but more flat. It has corners.


    Hope thats helpful!

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    I actually miss my UX10. Never should have sold that one.

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    Quote Originally Posted by tripleq View Post
    I actually miss my UX10. Never should have sold that one.
    I was thinking the same, I had a 240 suji, it was a great line slicer
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    Exactly what I needed. Thanks!

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    Ya I regret selling mine as well great knives

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    I sold mine, used the money to buy a ks.

    It def has one of the best western handles on the market, but I didn't really like the steel much. Whether it was sharpening or edge retention. It is a very comfortable knife to use. I just prefer the lighter weight of wa handles.

    It's a very overpriced knife post price hike.

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    In general, I know if someone has a Misono, they likely give a crap, use their knives, and have a reliably good blade by their side. With every knife I'm fortunate enough to own/handle/hang out with, I still love my Misonos. In fact, I just used my Moly a couple days ago, and loved every minute of it!

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    I like my Misono Moly as well. Always wonder if I should pick up a 440 or UX10.

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