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Thread: Korin (and me) on Martha Stewart

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    Korin (and me) on Martha Stewart

    I was kind of embarrassed about posting this... But here it is. This was taken a year ago, when Ms. Kawano (:begrudgingly: my dear sweet loving mother ) decided to tell me that I was going to be on Martha Stewart 2 days before the show aired. Vincent was supposed to be on, but he went on an out of state sharpening demo and my mother forgot... She also new that I would be the only convincing factor to make Mr. Sugai be on TV.

    I was so scared, then Martha Stewart came on stage (she didn't come to the rehearsal, because well... She is Martha Stewart.)... I admit I felt my heart implode and fan-girl at the same time...

    Please excuse any mistakes I made, I was still kind of new.

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    That's great Mari, thanks for sharing. Did you get an autograph?
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    Why would you be embarrassed? I'm sure a majority of forum members have fraternized with known felons.

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    That is cool. It could have been worse you could have done it on the Martha Stewart Behind Bars show.

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    Very cute...I mean, looked good. I mean...nice work, Mari.

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    Nothing to be embarrassed about Mari! Great Job
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    Good job Mari! Did it break Sugai-san's heart to use a steel on a Japanese knife?
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    Nice work! Congratulations on your national TV appearance!
    Remember: You're a unique individual...just like everybody else.

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    That's wonderful! It's always great to see the face behind the screen name !

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    I think you did great!

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