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Thread: Trip to Japan

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    Trip to Japan

    So a good buddy and former culinary school classmate of mine is gonna be heading to Tokyo in September. He was wanting to know if there are any recommendations on where to shop for knives. He's trying to stay off the beaten trail and find good pricing and selection. Also any good restaurants to try out? (I work at Uchi and he works at Qui, both here in Austin, TX, and we both have a passion for food especially haute cuisine) Thanks in advance KKF.

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    5,044 This is an essential stop. Historic soba place.
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    For really good handmade knives you can try to visit Machikan Knife Shop in Kawagoe.

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    I highly recommend Aritsugu right outside of Tsukiji market. I picked up an A-type wa Gyuto that is still number one in my line up. Takes a great edge and has awesome retention.

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