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Thread: Would there be interest?

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    Would there be interest?

    So, here is my question for you guys...

    Would there be interest in the following:

    a set of 2 stones (medium and fine grit)...
    • super fast cutting
    • works fast on literally EVERY steel i have tried (even the most wear resistant steels)
    • truly splash and go (does not need or benefit from soaking at all)
    • the medium grit stone is fast enough to act as a coarse stone (its faster than many 500 grit stones i've tried)
    • they dont need flattening
    • they are normal sized
    • the fine stone leaves what i consider to be an almost perfect balance of tooth to refinement
    • they work well on single and double bevels, but do not leave a nice kasumi finish, more of just a very even finish

    but the set cost you right around $300 (maybe $310)

    What do you guys think?

    Feel free to leave your comments and thoughts below.

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    Does not need flattening? Are these diamond plates?

    Interested in hearing more.

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    They really don't need any flattening ever? I'd probably consider buying it if that were the case.

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    They are diamond, but not traditional diamond plates... anyways, the max that they can not be flat is more flat than many peoples sharpening stones except those that flatten very often. Really, the most they need is a touchup from a special nagura from time to time.

    I've had similar stones (but not exactly this one) that i havent flattened in 2.5-3 years and is still flat after very significant use. This new thing i've been testing is a bit different than previous ones i've used though.

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    2,529 would they wear compared to typical synthetic stones?
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    sounds very interesting to me, but 300$ is some hard stuff.

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    I'm interested. What kind of diamond? I don't mind paying that much if they are worth it.
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    anyways, my shapton pro broke into 2 pieces today... its not like i do need to replace it... but i would like to

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    Sounds like a set I would keep at work. I would be interested.
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    Can I try them before voting? haha

    But yes, I'd be interested because I still kind of want the coarse stone but this sounds like it may be a better option...


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