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Thread: Would there be interest?

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    I'm up for it. I'm definitely curious to see how these guys feel and perform.

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    I'd like to use one. I'd probably buy one too.

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    I'm not worthy of the test run, but I'm definitely interested in these stones.
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    I'd be interested in giving them a test run. I have enough personal, colleagues', and house knives available to where I feel like I'd be able to give them a pretty decent test.

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    Interesting stones, I would be glad to try, but the cost is prohibitive for my budget. It's basically comes down to $150 per stone + shipping + tax.
    But that's really cool that you put all this work in to bringing new and possible very awesome products to the western market!!

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    Jon I would indeed love to try these stones, but I guess there are many far more experienced users who will give you much better feedback. Sill - I would not say no if you would insist

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    Count me in, I'll take a set.


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    so, i just had another idea... i know a bunch of KKF members are coming here tomorrow to hang out. I'm going to ask them to try these stones out and see what they think. If the results are positive, i will move ahead with the first run of 5-10 sets of them. If those go over well, we will likely add them to our store on a more permanent basis. Sound good to you guys?

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    Sounds like a good idea, Jon. Any chance of taking some video of them using the stones that you could then share?
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