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Thread: Would there be interest?

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    I'd have to sell off my current stone set to afford this combo though!

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    Could you give us an idea of how these compare to your 600/6K? Just a brief idea of what one could expect. Hard/soft, feel, relative cutting speed, lifespan etc.
    I'm sure I'm not the only one excited about them, but wondering if they're worth double the $, and if I'll actually be able to make the most of the advantages to make it worth the spend.
    Thank you.

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    these are harder than the splash and go gesshin stones. Also faster cutting on both counts. The 6k gesshin leaves a bit nicer mirror finish on edges than the diamond. Life-span-wise these are too new for me to tell yet. I went through about 1 6k per year and am already more than 1/2 way through a 600, but i've had a similar diamond stone last me 3 years with more use than either of the gesshins. I would expect these to be around the same with regard to that.

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    So purely on $/sharpening these diamond stones would actually cost less in the long run. Am I getting it right Jon?

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    So far, that has been my experience... Either less in the long run, or about the same for some stones. But I've also seen people abuse things like this and just get a year or two out of one, which sucks.

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    here are some test videos from a few hours ago...

    *i had a few people ask me about the stone holder... its not one that i normally sell and doesnt come with the stone, but i picked it up because the lips are lower and i wear my stones super thin very often.

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    Is this some sort of stone of diamond embedded in ceramic? I'm totally interested.

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    Definitely interested, but will you ever offer these individually or are they only ever going to be in sets?

    The stone holder does look cool...too bad you don't stock them.

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    The 1000 grit vid sounds a bit gritty. Grit contamination possibly?
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    its not ceramic per se, but a similar construction. There are many types similar to these, but these are not quite the same as others i've tried. For the first run, i think i will only do them as sets, but depending on how things go, i may be able to do them individually. There are savings involved in the sets, so individually, i think they would be closer to the $180 mark each.

    On the stone holder, i actually do stock them. I was wearing my stones a bit thin, and usually i would mount them on something (which is the technically correct thing to do), but i got lazy. The lip on our stone holder with base is a bit too high for some of my worn down stones, so i looked around for a stone holder that would deal well with these worn down stones. I found the one i'm using in the video a few weeks back, and brought in some for myself and some to stock at the store. I think they are going to run $35 if you guys are interested.

    On the sound of the 1k, it does sound gritty... i also happened to be closer to it when shooting the videos, so the sound comes through even more. That being said, its an aggressive stone and that is mostly what it sounds like. I didnt set up a nice mic today or anything so the audio is all in-camera audio. I can set up a nicer audio setup next time i shoot videos though if you are interested.

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