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Thread: HAP40?

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    HAP40 Santoku

    Just bought the Shimatani HAP40 Santoku today, awaiting delivery from MM.
    Pics look nice and Rick's detailed review sounds positive (thanks for that!). Price at $130 + shipping also very good.
    Will update after delivery and use

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    let us know how it performs!

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    The shimatani knives certainly look the business. Caught my eye last week as well.

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    210 gyuto

    Just received the 210 yesterday, initial feeling is pretty good. Wish it had more of a flat spot and a little more depth at the heel but the fit and finish of the blade and handle are superb. Edge seems okay but not great and a little asymmetrical. I am thinking I will run it on the Edge Pro today or tomorrow and fix it up. Not sure how the steel will perform but other reviews of this metal seem good. All in all seems like a great value for a well built knife, extremely light.

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    Is HAP40 stainless or not? Sounds like the cladding is not stainless

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    I believe they consider it a semi stainless (the hap40 that is) the cladding doesn't seem to be reactive at all to me yet if that helps you.

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    I seen these knives for reasonable costs at but they all seem a bit too short for my likes. The veggie is also not a single bevel like an Usuba which would be a nice addition to my collecti

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    She's sharp now!

    Spent a little time on the EP today used shapton glass 500 1k and 6k. There was a little over grind on the tip that got worked mostly out too. It went relatively smoothly on the 500 and 1k the 6k was a little more work. It took a bit to get the mud to build up on the 6k felt like it wasn't even affecting it just gliding over the stone with no friction. Once mud was established it polished up nicely, it shreds paper with push cuts no problem. I am not a huge fan of the shape of the blade as it angles up towards the tip a little to much for my taste as I prefer a flat knife, it just has a little to much belly. But it is a feather weight for sure and the craftsmanship is impeccable. All in all I am extremely happy with the steel and the fit and finish, so much so that I ordered the nakiri today which should definitely be a flatter blade

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    Sharpening a Shimatani

    Are 1k & 6K waterstones (Icebear) gonna have any effect on the HAP40 Damascus? Shapton necessary?

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