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Thread: Suisin Tanryu by Master Yoshikazu Ikeda

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    Suisin Tanryu by Master Yoshikazu Ikeda

    Hello hello!
    I'm quite behind, but the Suisin Tanryu is one of Korin's newest additions.

    Suisin Tanryu Sakimaru Takobiki
    This beautiful blue steel#2 hongasumi suminagashi knives are crafted by master blacksmith Yoshikazu Ikeda.

    Master Ikeda began pursuing his family business of knife forging when he was only 22 years old. In 1988 he was selected to be one of Sakai City’s blade-making dentoukougeishi, and in 2001 was chosen to be the first member of Sakai City’s Master Craftsmen Organization. Over the past forty years, he has polished his forging techniques for both Japanese swords and kitchen knives. Today Master Ikeda forges knives for top Japanese knife companies and is the president of the association of dentoukouseishi, traditional craftsmen acknowledged by the Japanese local government.

    Some of you may have already heard of him before, considering he has crafted knives for many other companies including the Nenohi Honyaki Dentoukougeishi line that released a year ago. However, what makes the Suisin Tanryu lines very special is that he has stamped these knives with his name similarly to how master Doi did for the Hayate line. Generally, forgers are nameless and craft knives for knife companies. Master Ikeda stamping these knives signifies that these are his top tier work.

    We have 4 different styles that all come with the wooden cover shown in the picture with the yanagi. (We are waiting for the saya covers to come in.)

    Suisin Tanryu Kengata Yanagi $788.00

    Suisin Tanryu Kiritsuke$788.00

    Suisin Tanryu Yanagi $698.00

    On a side note, I personally really find these knives gorgeous. I've been tons of suminagashi knives in my life time, but for some reason I find these extremely elegant. I can't really put my finger one why though... The knives that we received in this first batch also all have a really nicely marbled water buffalo horn bolster.

    Thanks for reading!

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    These are beautiful.

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    Stunning. Thank you for the detailed write up on the knives.

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    Thanks! We are so happy with them and thrilled to be working directly with master Ikeda.

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    Holly CRAP!!! Somebody please make the shaking stop. What absolutely stunning knives.

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    He does amazing work -- I've got a couple of his knives and they are wonderful!!

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