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Thread: Knife Boxes

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    Knife Boxes

    I never want to be featured on the television show "Hoarders." At the same time, I have never been able to part with the beautiful boxes that my knives come in. Most of them are are just cardboard, but I haven't been able to put them in the recycle bin. The Japanese lettering is beautiful and I might "need" the box someday, right? So fess up folks: Do you save the boxes your knives come in? Is there any rational, non-aesthetic reason for keeping them?

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    You have to put them in something nice when you resell them

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    First, welcome to the site. Second, yes many of us do keep the boxes. As alluded to, they are good for reselling your knives if you must. I even store some of my knives I bought in Japan in their boxes as keepsakes.

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    Quote Originally Posted by pitonboy View Post
    You have to put them in something nice when you resell them

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    No justification needed. I just like the boxes.

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    I save my boxes as well. Find it is good to ship them in them.

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    i have like 20 boxes flyin around as well....

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    I guess I keep them. I dunno...actually, a lot of my knives didn't come in boxes, but those that did, I have mostly kept around. I'm sure I've used some for knives that didn't come in a box as well; So, there's another reason to keep them - you might need to store a different knife in a box sometime down the road.

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    Well, it seems unanimous! We all keep our boxes. Glad I'm in good company. :-)

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