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Thread: Knife Boxes

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    come to think of it, i have trouble throwing away the JKI wrapping paper

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    I also keep all my boxes. I do have a question for everyone who keeps a lot of boxes-how do you keep track of which knife goes with which box when the knives are being uses or in the knife rack?

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    Match up the Kanji?

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    I use blue painters tape on the boxes to mark the box.

    However, I'm thinking of getting rid of my boxes. The wife opened the cabinet full of boxes, and she too quickly discerned how many knives I had stashed away.

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    I keep the boxes, but so far I do not have too many. Once it reaches the critical mass, some will go away - the space is limited.

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    I have quite a few so far, managed to find a cupboard specially for it.

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    Yep, I'm boxed in...

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    I do think there is definitely an aesthetic value, not just utilitarian "I may need this someday" purpose for the boxes. It's almost as if the knife and the box share some intrinsic connection. I would not want to put a knife in the wrong box, for example. I keep my boxes in a rubbermaid container in the storage room to keep them together. I might need therapy for this... but from the responses on the forum at least I'm in good company! :-)

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    Yup, knife boxes keep, stone boxes trash (rocks don't need no boxes, just a bucket)
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    I started with a box for knife boxes and stone boxes. It has grown to a a box of knife boxes and a box of stone boxes. (+1 on blue painters tape to id them.) Also have a wet box, a poly food tray to keep soaker stoness in and a dry box for the polishing and non-soakers. And a box of diamond plates and holders. Then there's the box for the growing collection of strops and strop "stuff". And a 4 qt cambro, a box of sorts, for sayas and knife guards. And lest I forget, theres a box of blocks, scales and other handle "stuff" - noteworthy only because I've never made a handle but am part of both Mark's and Myron's frequent flyer programs. Finally there is the box under the sink with BK, mega sharpies, corks, acetone a "magic" eraser and mineral oil and an ever present box of band-aids. I used to have a box of money but seem to have misplaced it... .
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