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Thread: Angle finder app

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    Angle finder app

    Found this helpful for a sharpening noob like myself. was going to buy an angle cube until I realized my phone could do it for me. Apparently there are both free apps for Android and iPhone. Much easier than using coins or doing math.


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    How do you use it on the knife?

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    Just lay the side edge of the phone against the knife to get your sharpening angle. Can't sharpen with the phone on the knife, unless you somehow create a magnetic jig or something. Prior to using this, I was just eyeballing my angle and had a hard time "feeling" 5 degree increments.

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    Pretty cool trick, I downloaded one for BlackBerry 10 - its called Tilt Meter Free (if anybody interested) and it showed that my eyeballing is about 2 degree off on average.

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    Cool app, and I'm not making fun, I promise. But, why do I not give a crapolla about the angles I sharpen at?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Lefty View Post
    Cool app, and I'm not making fun, I promise. But, why do I not give a crapolla about the angles I sharpen at?
    Cause you're a lefty?

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    Quote Originally Posted by tripleq View Post
    Cause you're a lefty?
    Your mother was a hamster and your father smelt of elderberries. Now go away you silly man or I shall taunt you a second time!

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    I cut various wedges off wine corks to use under the blades to show my neighbor his sharpening angles. Works well with angle devices.

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    If I concerned myself with angles I would be more apt to use a protractor than the gyroscope inside the iPhone, I wouldn't trust that it's as accurate.

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