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Thread: Cleaver

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    Masahiro also make a range of cleavers.

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    I have the Tojiro pro as well as the Ashi but in #6 (thin slicer) as well a sugimoto #7, the latter might be worth considering.

    The Tojiro is all stainless (even the handle) so maintenance is easier. The handle is very comfy just as much as the sugimoto. The only issue that I might have is that the grind is a bit thick. But after I thinned it out it works great. Currently its relegated to fruit duty given that its my only stainless cleaver as carbon steel as a tenancy to react to acidic foods.

    The Ashi I have a love hate relationship with, its laser thin so it can slice onions like no tomorrow. It slices with no resistance. Honestly the blade on this thing is amazing if you like thin slicers. What I don't like is the handle, its big and rectangular. I find it uncomfortable to use for long periods. The blade is also quite reactive.

    The cleaver I'm most comfortable with is the Sugimoto #7, its reactive not the prettiest in the family, but it just has something about it. It fits in my hand, simple to sharpen, can do fine delicate work as well as chop the toughest veg. The only negative I can think of is that its very reactive when new and its a bit pricy for what it is (a white#2 cleaver). In that price range your looking at the lower edge of a custom, Fujiwara White #1 or Mizuno blue cleaver. JCK has it for 355 but Rakuten has it for 271 (for my it was around $300 after duties and shipping)

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    i have a custom ashi cleaver 225x105 400g. i cant verify the handle being uncomfortably to use. but maybe its because i havent used it for longer periods then 1 hour, since also a 25 kg sack of onions is gone in like 10 mins. i love mine and think about buying a stainless one next.

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    im waiting on a ashi ginga cleaver restock. i didnt really like the weight and feel of my old ginga riveted handle cleaver,i think the wa handle will be nicer to use.

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