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Thread: Anyone play Paintball?

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    Well here is my setup.

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    Post em if ya got em.

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    I used to play alot. I have two sets of guns and equipment so I can take out a friend and wail on them. I never liked playing in arenas. I'll echo what's been said before... the sport is on the decline. Here, there were a few good indoor arenas that were fun to play at. But it got to the point where they were too expensive. Then all the fun ones went out of business. Now, it seems the only arenas left are the kind with inflatable obstacles, which I hate. Plus, they're pricey for just a small room with big, dumb inflatables. I started going to this wooded area around here in the city and doing "outlaw" with my friends. It was always kind of sketchy because sometimes we'd see joggers and horseback riders that would always give us the strangest looks. I'm sure it was quite illegal what we were doing. Great spot though! Lots of trees but not too wooded. Lots of terrain but not too hilly. Lots of man-made features for cover, too. Plus lots of little trails all over the place. I love that spot! I think I'll have to go again soon now that I'm thinking about it. I haven't gone in about 4 years. I always liked just being low key about it and just taking one friend out there and just spreading out and half the fun is just looking for each other, sneaking around for half an hour to an hour before we find each other and then just having a huge showdown. Most of the time we end up hitting each other only a few times and we've been out there for hours on end.

    I always feel more and more over the years as time goes by, after all this 9/11 stuff and the way our country is heading that when I'm doing "outlaw" paintballing in a place like that, the more likely it is that a SWAT team will show up out of the blue and shoot me and my friends for playing the sport.

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