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Thread: Help finding a Saya for my knife

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    Where are you located?

    Spike C
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    I really like the dexter blade guards. They have a fabric lining inside and seem very durable compared to the others I've seen. I also believe that Korin uses the same exact model as the dexter one for their branded guards. I would check the Korin site or maybe ask Mori about them. Anyways, good luck and congrats on the upgraded cutlery!

    Shun, the gateway drug.

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    thanks, you guys rock!

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    Quote Originally Posted by SpikeC View Post
    Where are you located?
    I'm In Orlando Florida, thanks.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Brad Gibson View Post

    Shun, the gateway drug.
    Funny because it's true

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    I think the best one is the black plastic one that it came with. It will last a good while but when it starts to split look for another unless you want some nice new scars on your palm. I took a hacksaw to mine and cut it down to size. I used to carry it around in my cargo pockets while working too but then I found if I place a towel down and put my blade in it and butt it up against the line no one would grab my towels anymore fearing knives in them

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    Thanks for the Advice guys. If you don't mind the noob question, why exactly is shun considered the gateway drug?

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    Shun is readily available from local culinary stores, Williams Sonoma, Amazon, et al. It is often people's first experience with Japanese knives. IMHO they are better marketeers than knifemakers and are doing good job of capturing market share with mass produced, "cool looking", somewhat overpriced knives. In their defense they have established a sharpening infrastructure that lets consumers keep knives sharp for the price of a stamp.

    Pens Tiger did an very good, objective review of a number of Shuns that provides more info.

    To keep your blade covered you may consider:

    Name:  2013-09-04 14.01.54.jpg
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    Or my favorite aftermarket sheath:

    Name:  2013-09-04 14.02.31.jpg
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    These are more for transportation than storage of the knives. And its NOT my knife.


    Older and wider..

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    Ohh I think i'm beginning to understand. Shun is basically the Bose of the speakers world but of course in the knife world. That is all i needed to know. I have to say that after browsing this forum for a couple of days, I'm already looking to grow my collection with a more educated choice.

    Dave, I like that Korin! I think i might go with that one. Thanks a lot man!

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    If you care about the finish on the sides of the blade, I would NOT get the ones above. Because they're basically friction fit, they can scratch the sides of your blade unless they're lined with something. I've found the magnetic ones to be better, and the plastic cases that lock, like the ones offered by Lamson Sharp or Victorinox (Blade Safe) are the best for not damaging the finish, although they're quite bulky.

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