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Thread: Magnetic Knife Bars- Ready for Sale

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    Magnetic Knife Bars- Ready for Sale

    A while back, we posted the prototypes... these are the final products. Prices will be around the $150 mark (sizes are generally about 24in, except the one smaller one here... different sizes can and will be made). The largest and widest cocobolo ones will run about $200 or just under. These ones have some of the best F&F i've seen for magnetic wood strips like this. Moreover, they offer some design features that should make them a bit nicer on your knives... the internal magnetic layout offers a strong grip, the rounded corners dont put pressure on your knives' edge, the wider surface area is more stable, and so on).

    Anyways, if you see one you like, shoot me an e-mail and we can get you a price.


    The larger ones are about 24 in long, and the widest ones are about 4 in wide.

    (sorry for the quick photos... my friend came by today to show them to me real quick... i was shocked at how well they came out this time. Anyways, the photos were done in kind of a rush.)

    from top to bottom in the first picture:
    1- teak (sold)
    2- king wood
    3- cocobolo
    4- cocobolo
    5- bloodwood
    6- bocote

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    Oh my. Those are beautiful. I don't really have a use for a knife bar, if I did I would be all over these.

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    Had I not invested time and effort in doing one, I would get one of these. Love the wood structure.

    I bet you got that "rounded corners" idea from me, Jon

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    (some may already be claimed)
    from top to bottom in the first picture:
    1- teak (sold)
    2- king wood -$175
    3- cocobolo -$195
    4- cocobolo- $195
    5- bloodwood- $155
    6- bocote- $130

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    Be careful with the rounded corners, Apple will sue you
    Those bars looks beautiful, unfortunately I do not have space for one.

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    To everyone that is waiting for shipping quotes on these, we will get the shipping quotes done this week.

    On a completely separate note, we were wondering if there would be any interest in a very large 3 foot long magnetic knife strip...Here's a picture of the piece of wood that we have right now. It was so beautiful that we didn't want a break it up into smaller pieces. We just weren't sure if there was interest and something this long. It would be about 3 feet long and about 4 inches wide. Any interest?

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    damn - that is a beautiful piece. Wish I had the room!

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    I might be interested. PM me with the pricing. Would give me an excuse to throw a couple of other items from your store in the shopping cart.

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    36" bar

    I might be interested too. I think I just have about 36" of space. I'll email you.

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