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Thread: Magnetic Knife Bars- Ready for Sale

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    There have been quite a few responses here... i think we may go ahead with this one (not 100% sure yet), and if possible, we may do some more of these in the future. Because of the way these are made, we can pretty much do whatever size we want as long as we have the materials for it, so if you have sizes in mind (and dont mind being patient with us), just let me know. Wood-wise, it really depends on what we can find, so we cant take requests in that respect at this time.

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    What's the magnet spacing like on these? Do knives ever have a tendency to rotate towards a neighboring magnet if rotated much, like Mag-Bloks?

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    there is one row of magnets without any space inbetween each one... i have not noticed rotational problems, and i think (though i could be wrong) its because slightly stronger magnets are used, and there is much greater surface area on which the blades its due to the width of these mag strips.

    On the 3ft one, i just spoke to the maker, and it seems it will be $300. I may have underquoted this to some people before i was 100% sure of the price (though i did also state i wasnt 100% sure yet)... sorry about that guys. Anyways, now we have a price, but we're going to hold off on making it until we have a firm commitment from someone, so let me know if you're interested.

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    These are gorgeous, Jon. I'm kinda in love with the king wood one.

    Take a look around at:

    Email me at:

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    Here's a really crappy video i shot earlier today of the ones we have in stock right now (except the really long one-3ft- which has been claimed)... sorry for the crappy quality of the video, but i thought it might be nice to be able to see them in video rather than pictures...

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    Pricing from first to last in the video:
    1st- 3ft cocobolo (claimed)
    2nd and 3rd- 24in cocobolo $195
    4th and 5th- 24in bloodwood and Paduk (i think... but i might be wrong)- $160
    6th- 24in bocote $160
    7th- some kind of asian ebony (no price yet)
    8th- 20in bocote $145
    9th- 18in bubinga $130 (i think)

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    Is the bocote 19"? Really considering that or the bubinga. When will you have pricing?

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    Ah 145

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