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Thread: Magnetic Knife Bars- Ready for Sale

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    These are really nice. Unfortunately, I live in a rented house and can't bolt anything to the walls.
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    That 20" bocote is haunting me. Someone buy it and put me out of my misery. I can't do longer than 19", max.

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    so, i had dinner with the guy who makes these for us tonight and he told me that he is happy to make custom lengths as long as he has the wood for it. He's been buying some interesting woods, so if you guys can be patient with me and not too crazy picky about the woods, i will be happy to take requests for custom sizes. He told me he's got a 4ft long piece of wood he wants to make into a strip (after the 3ft long one we had just sold), so if someone is game for something like that, let me know.

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    Hey Jon, sent you a PM.

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    here's a pic of some of our inventory as of today.... this includes a few new items.

    the longer ones are ~$175 and the shorter ones are ~$130-135

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    Just got this one in yesterday...beautiful grain pattern. Stunning in person.


    I took some closeups of the seam between the two pieces of wood because some dark sawdust got in there and made the line a bit darker, and there were two spots where there was a tiny bit of a gap (just barely enough for a fingernail to fit). I wanted to make sure that this was visible to our customers.

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    Here's what we've got in stock right now... the longer ones are 24in, the shortest one is 18in. Please e-mail if you are interested in ordering one. Prices range from $130-$195.

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