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Thread: Looking for some perfect Queinelle Spoons

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    Looking for some perfect Queinelle Spoons

    Aprroximately 4-6. Anything that you find ideal. I you have some and woul like to sell, let me know. If you have a source when I can purchase some, do the same. FYI, looking to do single-spoon quinelle's out of a quart deli container.


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    You just need some hiphop and a cutey holding the spoon...

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    These are what some would call "backwards," in that the round end of the quenelle is at the end and not by the stem. They make a beautiful quenelle with a great shape although I had to adjust the angle of the stem to get it right. This is a kinda small spoon, more of a tasting spoon to me than a plating spoon, I'd say about a tablespoon would fill the bowl, maybe 4 tsp.

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    whatever bouchon uses as their tableware is quite possibly the best spoon shape i've ever seen... i'll try to take a picture next time.

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    hmmm, I am a spoon nut and I never even noticed Bouchon's spoons. I have one of Maxim's, and although I am no queneller it looks like it would do the business.

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    These two spoons by Robert welsch are the best I have found, nice and heavy, and with the shape of the bowl of the spoon the point of the quenelle (rocher) will face you.
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    Awesome.. Thanks. Jon next time you go to Bouchon you should take a picture of two of the spoons, then send it to me with my along with my Kochi after I ship it to you to be thinned

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    u r thinning a kochi? OMG.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Phip View Post
    u r thinning a kochi? OMG.
    Jon can back md up on this one, it needs it...

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    Are you talking about TK's Bouchon or the one in Santa Barbara?

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